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Written by: Bernard Szlachta, CEO

bernard szlachta

Upgrading people's skills is a daunting task.

In a world where Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics continuously accelerate their ability to replace humans, helping people retain their value becomes a critical undertaking. We need to optimize how people acquire new and relevant skills. There are four major things to consider:

  1. Encouraging people to upskill
  2. Making the process affordable
  3. Making the process scalable
  4. Making the process sustainable

NobleProg is one of the few organizations that is actively working to improve the experience of training and retraining of knowledge workers.

Hassle free training

When I started to work and needed to acquire new knowledge, I discovered that the process of looking for and participating in training was rather inconvenient, if not downright painful. The training schedules could not match my free time, sessions were often postponed at the last moment, the course itself contained irrelevant items, and the trainer wasn't really ideal to say the least. Later, when I started working as an instructor myself and providing training for various training companies, I discovered the reason:

Making money out of delivering courses is extremely hard. The only one harder thing is to make it scale and sustain itself.

NobleProg makes the experience of participants, trainers and coordinators as hassle free as possible!

Troubled Trainer

As a trainer, there were things I did not like: preparing the classroom, travelling, doing paperwork, etc. The most hated of them all was:

Misaligned expectations of the participants and their managers, and what could have been possible within the limited time of the training.

I deeply enjoyed preparing for the course and delivering it, but everything else put me off from doing it.

NobleProg makes the experience of the trainer as enjoyable as possible:

Trainers should focus on what they enjoy most!

Sales and Coordinating Staff

In most of the training companies I worked for, the turnover among the sales force and coordinators was high. People simply didn't enjoy doing the work for long. After doing it for a couple of years, a typical training coordinator wanted to move to something different. Coordinating involves passing a lot of information around -- this can be optimized via well-defined processes. Moreover, a well developed information system supporting the execution of the processes can help to automate most of it.

Technology plays the biggest role in optimizing the experience for everyone involved in the training.

NobleProg developed a platform which makes the course organization easy, and makes the life of customers, trainers and coordinators as enjoyable as possible!

With this platform, we ensure that the waiting time shortens, the delivery cost drops, and the training quality increases. We want to deliver courses faster, cheaper and better.

How do we do it?

NobleProg has a central team of engineers and scientists who dedicate their full attention to the constant improvement of the platform. They don’t do operations. They don’t firefight. They simply look at what kind of problems people are having and make the system better. We employ cutting edge AI technologies, management techniques and anything that can help us make people's life easier. Every single minute, 24/7, there is a team that allows us to start a new day with more efficient operations. Whether optimizing the process of finding a suitable trainer, or improving the experience for customer browsing the courses, or simply reducing the cost of operations, these changes allow NobleProg to grow and achieve our vision:

Effective, efficient, comfortable and interesting training experience.

Join NobleProg, no matter whether as a manager, engineer, trainer or a franchisee. You can help us make employees' skills more relevant to present and future needs.


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