Course Outline


Understanding Meditation

  • What meditation is
  • How meditation works

Busting Myths about Meditation

Experiencing Guided Meditations

Training Your Brain to Build Resilience

Exploring Techniques for Meditation Exercises

  • Breath practice to reduce stress and focus mind
  • Body scan to cultivate mindfulness

Understanding the Basics of Mindfulness

Adopting Useful Methods and Tools for Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Paying Attention to the Present Moment, Non-Judgementally

Understanding the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Persisting in Meditation and Mindfulness Practice Every Day

Summary and Conclusion


  • No prior experience is required.


  • Teams who are interested in meditation and mindfulness pracitce
  • Teams who wish to better understand the mind
  • Teams who are active in personal growth and professional effectiveness
  • Teams who are passionate about influencing other people positively
 14 Hours

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