Course Outline


  • Convergence of web and mobile

Reasons for Developing Progressive Web Apps

  • speed and performance (compared to websites)
  • security
  • offline capabilities
  • push notifications
  • improved bounce rates
  • app-like feel and functionality
  • bypassing of App Stores

Enabling Your Website

  • secure HTTPS connection
  • JSON Manifest
  • Service Worker

Building Your First Progressive Web App (PWA)

Using Service Workers to Enable Your App to Work Offline

  • Caching data
  • Serving push notifications
  • Updating content
  • Data manipulation

Event Listeners and Commands

  • Customizing responses to network requests depending on whether online/offline status
  • Data persistence and messaging
  • Accessing Cache API, Fetch API, IndexedDB API, postMessage(), etc.
  • Increasing user engagement through Notification API

Using Cached Assets in Your Application

Configuring Web App Manifest

  • Adding the app to the Home Screen

Application Shell Architecture

UI Considerations

  • Usability
  • Localization

Troubleshooting the PWA

Deploying the PWA to an App Store

Summary and Conclusion


  • HTML, CSS, and object-oriented JavaScript.
  • A mobile device.
  • Ability to run Google Chrome on mobile device.


  • Web developers
  • App developers
  14 Hours

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