Course Outline


Trello in Depth

  • What is Trello?
  • Trello structure
  • Trello definitions

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Trello

Trello Quickstart

  • Creating boards and lists
  • Creating and filtering cards and labels
  • Using drill down functions
  • Dating tasks
  • Adding attachments
  • Configuring and viewing cards
  • Working with archived content
  • Linking cards and boards
  • Styling Trello

Trello Collaboration

  • Adding members to a board and card
  • Assigning administrative jobs
  • Sharing boards
  • Using Trello Teams

Power-Ups and Extensions

  • Using Trello and Slack
  • Implementing Google services
  • Working with Chrome extensions

Advanced Trello

  • Using Trello and Kanban
  • Using Trello and Scrum
  • Using Trello and GTD
  • Using Trello and Gantt

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic computer experience


  • Project Managers
 14 Hours

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