Course Outline


Overview of Tizen Features and Architecture

  • Tizen Open Source Project
  • Tizen architecture and framework layer
  • Profiles (wearable, TV, mobile, and IoT)
  • Package development workflow

Getting Started with Tizen Development

  • Installing development tools
  • Setting up the environment
  • Cloning source files
  • Building packages
  • Creating and flashing images
  • Porting

Developing Applications with Tizen

  • Installing Tizen Studio
  • Application types (.NET, web, and native)
  • Creating a project
  • Setting project properties
  • Coding and building the application
  • Deploying, running, and debugging the application
  • Designing the user interface
  • Enhancing the application
  • Application Filtering

Creating .NET Applications with Tizen

  • Wearable .NET application
  • Wearable XAML application
  • TV .NET application
  • Mobile .NET application
  • NUI .NET application
  • IoT.NET application

Securing and Testing .NET Applications

  • Getting the certificates
  • Testing .NET application on devices
  • Packaging a .NET and web hybrid application
  • Third-party libraries
  • Application filtering
  • Security and API privileges

Creating Web Applications with Tizen

  • Wearable web application
  • Wearable web watch application
  • TV web application
  • Samsung Smart TV web application
  • Mobile web application
  • Web service application
  • Web application add-on

Securing and Monitoring Web Applications

  • Security and API privileges
  • Web runtime
  • Event handling
  • Signing and certificates

Creating Native Applications with Tizen

  • Wearable native application
  • Wearable native watch application
  • Wearable native widget application
  • Mobile native application
  • IoT native service application

Managing Native Applications

  • Application management
  • Security and error handling
  • Migration guide


Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++ programming languages
  • Experience with .NET, web, or native application development


  • Developers
 28 Hours

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