Course Outline


Installing and Configuring Ansible AWX

  • System requirements for Ansible AWX

Overview of Ansible AWX Features and Architecture

  • Ansible AWX v.s. Red Hat Ansible Tower
  • DevOps concepts applied in Ansible AWX

Overview of Ansible AWX Command Line Interface

  • Familiarizing with AWX HTTP API structure
  • Basic parsing and output emission with AWX CLI
  • Introduction to AWX CLI automation tasks and feature support

Getting Started with AWX Resources and Environment Setup

  • Manipulating AWX resource actions and global options

Authenticating with Ansible AWX and Utilizing OAuth2.0 Tokens

  • Tokens v.s. session-based authentication
  • Generating, printing, and employing token values in AWX CLI

Configuring OAuth2.0 Applications and Scoping OAuth2.0 Tokens

  • Use cases for session authentication

Formatting AWX Outputs and Configuring Default CLI Settings

  • Working with YAML and tabular output formats
  • Customizing outputs with JSON processor
  • Colorizing outputs with ANSI color nodes

Creating Credentials and Inventories with Ansible AWX

  • Assigning permissions and delegating automated rules

Extending Ansible AWX to Ansible Playbook Parameters

  • Tracking Ansible Playbook logs and navigating the AWX dashboard

Setting Up Projects and Job Templates with Ansible AWX

  • Creating a new project from a GitHub repository
  • Generating and launching a job template
  • Scheduling the run-time of single or chained job templates
  • Running and monitoring Ansible Playbook outputs
  • Updating job templates with Ansible AWX CLI

Working with SSH Keys in Ansible AWX

  • Importing and exporting additional AWX resources

Automating Workflows and Basic Tasks with AWX and Ansible API

  • Implementing RESTful API convention in AWX
  • Utilizing AWX API tools and executing automation methods

Scraping and Testing Metrics in Ansible AWX API

Managing Information Sharing Functions and Maintaining AWX Security

  • Implementing advanced authentication setups

Backing Up and Restoring AWX

Troubleshooting Ansible AWX and Reviewing Logs

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Linux system administration and command line
  • Basic understanding of YAML programming syntax
  • Comprehension of IT infrastructure and processes
  • Familiarity with Ansible platform
  • Proficiency in any programming language


  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
 21 Hours

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