Course Outline


Overview of Argo CD Features and Architecture

  • Argo CD as a Kubernetes (K8S) controller
  • Components (API server, repository server, controller)
  • K8S with GitOps

Exploring the Argo CD Workflow

  • Workflow phases
  • Desired versus observed states

Getting Started with Argo CD

  • Configuring Argo CD
  • Command-line and web interfaces
  • Accessing the API server

Creating an Application with Argo CD

  • Registering a cluster to deploy apps to
  • Creating and syncing apps

Deploying an Application with Argo CD

  • Changing destination
  • Deployment history and rollback
  • Failed deployments

Working with K8S Management Tools

  • Deployment and orchestration tools
  • Automated syncing

Integrating Argo CD Into a CI/CD Pipeline

  • GitOps integration into a pipeline
  • Adding and monitoring apps
  • CI/CD workflow completion


Summary and Conclusion


  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes
  • Experience with software deployment


  • System administrators
  • Developers
 7 Hours

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