Course Outline


  • From Docker containers, to managed clusters of containers with Kubernetes, to managed Docker and Kubernetes with OpenShift.


  • Overview of Docker architecture
  • Setting up Docker
  • Running a web application in a container
  • Managing Docker images
  • Networking Docker containers
  • Managing the date inside a Docker Container


  • Overview of Kubernetes architecture
  • Managing a cluster of Docker containers with Kubernetes

OpenShift Container Platform

  • Overview of OpenShift Container Platform architecture
  • Creating containerized services
  • Managing Docker containers with OpenShift Container Platform
  • Creating and managing container images
  • Deploying multi-container applications
  • Setting up an OpenShift Container Platform cluster
  • Deploying applications on OpenShift Container Platform using source-to-image (S2I)

Closing remarks


  • An basic understanding of container concepts
  • Experience with the Linux command line
  • Application development experience


  • Architects
  • Developers
 35 Hours

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