Course Outline


  • Overview of Red Hat 3Scale features and architecture
  • API strategies and use cases

Getting Started

  • Installing 3Scale on OpenShift
  • Setting up APIcast
  • OpenShift basics and concepts

Setting Up the Developer Portal

  • Creating the developer portal
  • Adding custom signup fields
  • Configuring signup flows
  • Creating a multiple-service signup page
  • Configuring authentication and SSO
  • Creating e-mail workflows
  • Enabling liquid markup processing
  • Customizing the developer portal layout

Managing Accounts and Billing

  • Customizing e-mail templates
  • Enabling credit card notifications
  • Setting limit alerts
  • Handling application plan notifications
  • Invoicing, services, and signup flows
  • Other functionalities in the developer portal

Working with Webhooks

  • Configuring webhooks
  • Webhooks format and structure
  • Defining and testing webhooks


Summary and Next Steps


  • Familiarity with APIs and API management


  • Developers
  • System administrators
 14 Hours

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