Course Outline

  • Introduction to  Spring Boot
  • Tutorial – Bootstrap a Simple Application
  • Spring Boot Annotations
  • Intro to Spring Boot Starters
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • How to Change the Default Port in Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Change Context Path
  • Guide to @ConfigurationProperties in Spring Boot
  • Automatic Property Expansion with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot: Customize Whitelabel Error Page
  • Properties with Spring and Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot: Configuring a Main Class
  • Migrating from Spring to Spring Boot
  • Quick Guide on Loading Initial Data with Spring Boot
  • How to Define a Spring Boot Filter?
  • Create a Fat Jar App with Spring Boot
  • Custom Information in Spring Boot Info Endpoint
  • Intro to the SpringBootServletInitializer
  • Spring Boot Exit Codes
  • Shutdown a Spring Boot Application
  • Spring Boot Dependency Management with a Custom Parent
  • Generate Spring Boot REST Client with Swagger
  • Using @JsonComponent in Spring Boot
  • Authorization / authentication topics
  • Spring Data JPA


  • Java development experience
  • Experience with Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security and Spring REST)
  • Experience with Maven or Gradle
 21 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant

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