The move to cloud based computing has become less of a debate and more of a reality. However, experience in setting up a cloud infrastructure from scratch or migrating from your existing approach to a cloud native environment, is scarce and the quality of this move is key for the future success of your IT strategy. We have a successful track record of providing AWS consulting in Sverige in the context of following topics:

  • Cloud infrastructure setup with creation of Organisational unit and enterprise grade sub account structure according to best practices
  • Integration of user login with your company’s people’s directory system (Active Directory, Okta, etc)
  • Lift and Shift of your applications into cloud native services with the containerization and respective logic refactoring required
  • Infrastructure as Code of your entire stack. Typically in Terraform, however, we have also worked with Ansible, CDK and other stacks.

Vi kan hjälpa dig att planera, designa och implementera din lösning i Amazon Web Services.

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