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Communication har länge erkänts som väsentliga för professionell framgång och många av en karriär har stannat, vacklat eller stagnerat tack vare brist på kommunikationsförmåga. I motsats till den urbana myten är det få av oss som är födda med den här skickligheten, istället har de flesta antingen övat eller lärt sig av misstag. Kursen är utformad för att hjälpa delegater att förbättra sina kommunikationsförmågor och därmed deras förmåga att arbeta med andra.

Medlingskompetens är subtilt men ändå meningsfullt olika. Excel kommunikation i Excel är en förutsättning men viktigare är förmågan att lyssna och notera vad som sägs. Meklarens roll är att hjälpa parterna att nå en lösning på deras problem och att nå ett resultat som båda parter gärna accepterar. Medlarna undviker att ta sida, fatta domar eller ge vägledning. De är helt enkelt ansvariga för att utveckla effektiv kommunikation och skapa konsensus mellan parterna. Kursen omfattar också ett brett utbud av färdigheter, utöver kommunikation, som krävs för att vara en effektiv förmedlare.


What is Communication

  • Communication styles
  • Communication flow
  • Framing conversations
  • Non-verbal communication Definitions & principles
  • Written communication
  • Telephone skills

Exercise/Case Study

Understanding Communication

  • What makes a successful communicator
  • The qualities of a successful communicator
  • Defining persuasion and influence
  • Self- belief, confidence & assertiveness
  • Push and pull styles
  • Framing communication

Exercise/Case Study

Communication Style

  • Choose from a range of communication styles depending upon the situation
  • Learn to respond, rather than react
  • Open, leading and closed questions
  • The Funnel technique
  • Understanding values
  • Questioning techniques to understand values and build relationships

Exercise/Case Study

Overcoming resistance

  • What causes resistance
  • How to deal with resistance
  • A practical guide using six steps
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Handling difficult situations without emotions
  • Presenting your case with impact, taking the values of others into account

Exercise/Case Study

Poor Communication

  • Examples and why does this happen so frequently
  • The Ladder of Inference
  • Top down, Bottom up or 360 degree
  • Collaborative versus dictatorial
  • Selecting the best style and understanding what makes this the “best”

Exercise/Case Study

Putting it all Together

  • Feedback
  • Questioning & Listening
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Getting the key message across
  • Making effective requests
  • Promises – blessing or curse?
  • How to improve communication skills going forward

Exercise/Case Study

The Art & Skill of Persuasion

Understanding Persuasion

  • What makes a successful persuader?
  • The qualities of a successful persuader
  • Influencing and persuading, not manipulation
  • Defining persuasion and influence
  • Principles of effective influencing
  • Self- Belief, Confidence & Assertiveness
  • What do we mean by push and pull styles of persuasion
  • The psychology of persuasion – the basics


Preparing to persuade

  • Building Trust
  • “Mocking Bird” Theory
  • Non verbal communication
  • Building Trust and rapport
  • Finding out what others want or need - listening and questioning
  • Perception – how you perceive situations and how others may perceive you


Explore what others want

  • Setting clear objectives on the scope of selling you wish to embark on
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Realise the values and motivations of others
  • Hone your listening skills and overcome barriers to active listening
  • The identification of individual ‘filters’ and how to overcome these
  • The power of positive thought – preparing for the persuasion discussion


Communication Style

  • Choose from a range of communication styles depending upon the situation
  • Learn to respond, rather than react
  • Open, leading and closed questions.
  • The Funnel questioning technique.
  • Understanding values and how to persuade around these
  • Questioning techniques to understand values and build relationships


Overcome resistance

  • Select one of the six levels of assertiveness, without compromising the values of others
  • Apply a practical 6-step Influence Model
  • Using FAB to match the needs gathered from customers
  • Dealing with conflict – handling difficult situations without emotions
  • Presenting your case with impact, taking the values of others into account


State your case persuasively

  • Presenting at the right stage.
  • Adopt strategies that work for you
  • State your case assertively and convincingly.
  • Knowing the audience
  • Gathering the content
  • The 10/80/10 rule for structuring the presentation
  • Delivering a presentation


Handling Objections

  • Identifying frequently encountered objections.
  • The pre-emption of objections.
  • Developing appropriate responses.


Negotiation Skills for Finance Professionals


  • The Process of Negotiation
  • Objectives in negotiation
  • Communication Skills of the Effective Negotiator
  • Assessing information
  • Establishing the parameters
  • What is the “win-win” outcome

Case Study/Discussion Point

The “Interests”

  • Interests  
  • The difference between positions and interests
  • Identifying and prioritising your interests
  • Common mistakes when handling interests
  • When is negotiation a good idea?
  • The elements of an effective negotiation

Case Study/Discussion Point

The “Options”

  • Generating and evaluating possible options
  • Identifying your ideal outcome
  • Common errors when generating options

Case Study/Discussion Point

Understanding Negotiation Outcomes

  • Evaluate the options
  • Where do you think it will end
  • Is there a “win” or would a compromise be better
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Being prepared to lose when it makes sense

Case Study/Discussion Point

The Negotiating Process

  • Making proposals and giving and receiving concessions
  • Breaking Deadlock
  • Agreeing a remedy
  • Understanding the negotiator’s role
  • Key stages of the process
  • Giving information
  • Reading signals
  • Making a plan.
  • Reviewing assumptions
  • Working through the meeting/discussion process
  • Probing in order to develop understanding
  • Reaching agreement

Case Study/Discussion Point


  • Different types of people
  • Behavioural approaches & body language
  • Deadlocks, Standstills & Concessions
  • Tricks, Traps & Tactics
  • When & Where to Negotiate – Electronic Media are not ideal

Live Practice

  • Simultaions 
  • Debrief

Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals

The Essentials - The Presenter - You

  • Carrying out the ‘essential checks’
  • Presenting the ‘right’ image
  • Using your words, tone and body language
  • Working with the qualities of your voice
  • Acknowledging and overcoming nerves
  • Using relaxation techniques
  • Using mannerisms and gestures to enhance impact
  • The qualities of a successful presenter


The Essentials – The Material – What Are You Going to Say

  • Performing a needs analysis
  • Writing the basic outline
  • Researching, writing and editing
  • Establishing a clear purpose
  • Using successful information gathering techniques
  • Choosing the best route through your material
  • Identifying the key points
  • Creating strong openings and closings
  • Knowing the pros and cons of different visual aids
  • Making it big, bold and brilliant


The Essentials – The Audience – Who Will You be Saying it To

  • Knowing your audience to develop presentations that appeal
  • Building rapport
  • Getting and keeping them on your side
  • Working with questions
  • Handling difficult people
  • Understanding group dynamics


Next Step – Delivery Methods

  • Basic methods
  • Advanced methods
  • Basic criteria to consider
  • Choose from a range of communication styles depending upon the situation
  • Listening and Hearing: They aren't the same thing
  • Asking questions
  • Communicating with power


Next Step – Communication Skills

  • What do we mean by Communication
  • Preparing mentally
  • Physical relaxation techniques
  • Appearing confident in front of the crowd
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Body language
  • The signals you send to others
  • It's not WHAT you say, It's HOW you say it
  • Presenting your case with impact,


Perfecting your skills

  • Make them laugh a little
  • Ask them a question
  • Encouraging discussion
  • Dealing with questions
  • Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
  • Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
  • WOW your Audience
  • Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio


What is Mediation

  • Textbook definition
  • Mediation in practice
  • Good and bad mediation
  • A SWOT analysis
  • The goals of mediation
  • Reaching a compromise
  • WinWin – is this always possible
  • Plugging the gap between avoidance and formal action

Exercise/Case Study

Understanding Mediation

  • The principles of Mediation
  • What can it achieve.
  • When is it appropriate
  • Is there ever a time when mediation is inappropriate
  • Taking a strategic approach
  • Alternative dispute resolution practices
  • HR Policies: help or hindrance in conflict situations

Exercise/Case Study

Preparing for Mediation

  • Essential skills.
  • Critical discussions
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do in conflict
  • What are the issues
  • Is there a compromise
  • Least worst outcome
  • Setting the parameters

Exercise/Case Study


  • Structuring the process
  • Creating a “safe” environment
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Maintaining impartiality
  • Assist with the win-win
  • Dealing with destructive conflict
  • Dealing with deadlock
  • Engaging resistant people in a constructive manner
  • Closing the mediation
  • Confirming the outcome
  • Selecting alternatives
  • Follow up and review mechanisms

Exercise/Case Study



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